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Welcome to Fowlerpedia

[WWW]Fowler is a little city with big heart in Fresno County, California. It is a growing city that is currently renovating its look about five miles south of Fresno off Highway 99.

FowlerWaterTower.jpgImage shown with permission from Joe Moore

About Fowlerpedia- Fowlerpedia wiki is a fun and educational project that anyone can edit. Edit this web site to help tell the world what you know about Fowler, California, and why they should visit! Many of the pages so far are still in development, but you may explore and see the wiki's potential. Here is a random page from this growing wiki: Help.

Wiki News! Fowlerpedia was officially launched to the public at the Tuesday, January 6 [WWW]Fowler City Council Meeting. Ideas suggested during this meeting were to add content about local culture, history, businesses and tourism. Right now this wiki is still in its infancy, but we believe it will serve an important function of building virtual community for the city of Fowler.

With the slow economy, please help inform Fowler residents and visitors about all the wonderful things to do in this community. Fowler has recently been blessed with new housing developments throughout the community. New residents in particular may not be aware of local restaurants and history in their midsts. This project is guided by the new Fowler Library, but relies on the input of its citizens for its success.

Please contact the Fowler Library at 834-3114 for upcoming opportunities to use and improve this wiki. Get guided help starting pages for your business or church, uploading old photos, and improving pages. Ideas and energy are welcome. See our FAQ page.




Top 5 Reasons for a Fowler wiki


New Fowler Library


Fowler's New and Improved Library

The Fowler Library was a home-grown community project funded in part by Fowler residents past and present, who understood that Fowler deserved a library to serve its growing and unique community. Prior to its opening in 2008, the Fowler library had operated out of the same tiny storefront since 1914 when only 700 people lived in Fowler! Now residents enjoy a 21st century building with more than six times the space featuring a computer room, children's area, quiet reading and local history room, and numerous programs and classes.

From the [WWW]Fresno County Library's Web page on Fowler library project: "The long awaited project was made possible through the efforts of a community task force that raised more than $1-million in donations from individuals, businesses, and civic groups, including an initial gift from students at Sutter Middle School. Additional funding is provided by Measure B, the Leon S. Peters and Pete P. Peters Foundations, and an in-kind donation from the City of Fowler."

[WWW]Fowler Library Events Calendar



Former Fowler Library.jpg

Former Fowler Library, look closely!

Images source: Joe Moore, aka [WWW]JazzPortraits on Flickr



Image source: [WWW]Fowler Library's photostream on Flickr

Image Source: [WWW]Fresno County Library Web Page--Fowler Branch



Sights and Sounds of Fowler

Water Tower.jpgImage shown with permission from Joe Moore Fowler is a unique part of small town America that is full of hidden gems. Please list your favorite sites to recommend to Fowler visitors here:

Main Street

MercedStreet.jpg FowlerBuilding.jpg Benham.jpg FowlerBuilding2.jpg Images shown with permission from [WWW]Joe Moore

Fowler Library Mural

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Historical Images of Fowler on the Internet

(These images are shown to highlight historical resources about Fowler in digital libraries. They are here for solely non-commercial and educational use.)

De Wolf Elementary 1911.jpgA photo of De Wolf Elementary 1911 Photo and Caption Source: [WWW]The San Joaquin Valley Library System through the California Digital Library.

JapaneseInternment.jpg "Mrs. Kazuo Hijama and her daughter Bernice, three, eagerly take the morning mail from the box before their forty acre vineyard home near Fowler, California. The Hijamas recently returned to their former home from the Gila River Relocation Center. — Photographer: Mace, Charles E. — Fowler, California. 1/19/45"
Contributing Institution:

The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley.

Photo and Caption Source: [WWW]Online Archive of California, a project of the California Digital Library

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